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100% Natural Sage Cognitive Performance Soap // Cedar // housewarming // Free exfoliating soap bag w/ purchase // Heart Chakra Healing

100% Natural Sage Cognitive Performance Soap // Cedar // housewarming // Free exfoliating soap bag w/ purchase // Heart Chakra Healing

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Introducing Sage Cognitive Performance Soap by Bare Beauty Naturals


#Sage is an herb that is known for its healing and medicinal properties. People have burned sage since ancient times to cleanse and purify objects and homes. Proponents of sage burning, also known as #smudging, believe that the sage smoke is a way to bless your home and dispel it of negative energy and influences. 


Clinical evidence suggests that using sage improves secondary memory, speed of memory, attention, and alertness in healthy adults.


Sage also is said to Nourish the Heart Chakra, which aids in Healing Emotional Hurts while also nourishing the Crown Chakra, Opening & Clearing the Spiritual Communication Center. 


Sage Cognitive Performance Soap blesses your body & rids it of negative energy & influences. Sage is described as a mellow herb that calms irritation, relieves redness, and evens skin tone. High in antioxidants, sage is perfect for warding off premature aging.


This soap is best described as open and fresh. A blend of sage leaves with sweetgrass and cedar essential oils resembles the open spaces, and sage flower buds provide homegrown beauty. This soap is popular with both men and women. 


Our soaps are handmade in small batches using the cold process method to ensure freshness and quality! As such we may experience temporary or extended stock outs. If you have a favorite, please order enough! Please allow for slight differences in appearance and weight. 


Stop soap melt! Bare Beauty Naturals soaps are 100% preservative free and will melt away if left in traditional soap dishes. Our natural soap preservation bag helps your soap last 2-3 times longer and doubles as an exfoliating washcloth or Wash Mitten. FREE with soap purchase, or upgrade to a larger or more course exfoliation with our Large Muslin Exfoliating Soap Mitten (mild exfoliation level), our Large Soft Weave Baby Burlap Exfoliating Soap Mitten (Medium Exfoliation Level) or our Large Korean BathHouse Exfoliating Soap Mitten (Full Exfoliation Level). All bags / mittens are pictured above with our African Black Soap and Small Muslin Exfoliating Soap Bag / Mitten (FREE with purchase).


Purchase online at Sage Cognitive Performance Soap https://www.BareBeautyNatural.com


Bare Beauty Natural soaps are 100% natural which changes the entire skin care conversation. We start at a place no chemically manufactured soap can touch, and with our clinical pharmacist founder and his natural product recipes we're in a space no other natural soap manufacturer can approach. 


Every soap choice the BBN portfolio is head and shoulders above anything else out there both in terms of price and quality, so choose any recipe that speaks to you on a personal level, where you are now. The soaps will take care of the rest.


Bare Beauty Naturals is a Clinical Pharmacist-led company with a commitment to combining ancient, traditional, cultural and cutting edge current medical research with natural ingredients and minimal chemical additives for beautiful hair and skin care.

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