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The bearded era has come upon us but not without some issues. Are you tired of his beard being rough, looking horrible, being too dry or too greasy yet still not moisturized? How about the funky overwhelming scent from that other product he uses which isn't working? I loved his beard but those issues were a turnoff!

As women, we don't care about beard length! We just want our men's beard soft to our touch, seductively scented and tantalizingly attractive just for us. So I created something that would accomplish just that. As a doctorally prepared Registered Nurse, I understood the significance of proven ingredients, so I formulated beard care grooming products with effective evidence-based, high quality all natural and organic ingredients for my bearded lover that actually work. Once I had created something that not only worked based on my criteria as a woman, I wanted to turn the mundane task of him grooming his beard as an opportunity to pamper and cater to my man. This humbling yet beautiful experience demonstrates my love, respect, and adoration for him. It makes him feel like a king and reminds him that his queen made it happen. 

After getting many women in my social circle (a predominantly diverse group of highly successful, independent  and strong women) to use my products on their bearded men I discovered there was something special taking place that wasn't just limited to my own experience, as they participated in the process of helping their men with his beard grooming.

The concept of pampering/catering/serving has received a bad rep, especially in an age where you're perceived to be weak if you do it. However, as my grandmother taught me but I didn't understand at the time, serving the person you are with (especially when it is done from the heart) leads to equality, intimacy,  peace, humility, gratitude, a demonstration of love and eventually reciprocation in some form because it breaks down barriers. I watched this happen  numerous times  as we filmed couples using my products. I pray that this can impact many relationships and who knows maybe even create a  movement of breaking down barriers, building intimacy as well as cultivating love in a world that needs it.


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