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Wolves In Suits

Wolves In Suits

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Are you tired of dating Mr. Hell Nah and Mr. Lose my damn number? Wolves in Suits is a sexy, sassy self-help book for the dating, married, or single woman. Wolves in Suits is an entertaining and witty guide that educates women on how to identify a great guy worth their time, and a Wolf in a Suit whose goal is to run a muck in their lives. 

 Each chapter introduces a type of Wolf, gives the reader read flags to watch out for, provides advice on how to deal with the situation, and entertains with a true Wolves in Suits Love Story. Ever been on a date and a guy won’t shut up about how he is a great catch, or how he wants to be a rapper and has no time for a real relationship? What about the guy who is a coward and torments his lovers with verbal and physical abuse? Wolves in Suits are all around and their main goal in life is to get what they want at your personal, emotional, and physical expense. 

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