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We are all about the quality!

These premium products are handmade by highly skilled craftsman. Great for summer, gym, music festivals, parties, casual wear, the beach, or wherever your galactic adventures may take you.

We strive to make the highest-quality and most comfortable clothing available. World Flag Apparel products are made of 100% microfiber polyester and environmentally safe inks that set them apart from the average shirt. Every product is made of soft, breathable fabric that will never crack, shrink or fade.

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Oh...About The Standard Product Photos Using White People As Models


 I know this could turnout to be a touchy subject but I thought I would shed some light as to why it is necessary for my current situation as a small business, to use these photos to display my products. First and foremost let me say that due to the current racial climate we live in I am painfully aware and also very sensitive to how strange it looks to show these white people dressed in "our" clothing and it may even make some of you angry. Needless to say, it was NEVER my intent to anger any of my potential customers. With that said, please accept my sincere apology.


One of my primary goals is to provide you with the high quality products and customer service beyond the norm, and without over charging you to achieve that goal. There are 195 countries in the world and it is my intent to provide products for all of them. Now imagine you had to buy product samples for each one of those countries and then hire models, photographers and other personnel to complete this enormous task.

Can you see why as a small "one man" operation that using Standard Product Photos is a must at this stage of my business? I started World Flag Gifts because I needed to make ends meet. I became disabled in 2009 with kidney failure and laid off from work as of 2011. I got the idea for doing flag shirts from Amazon of all places. Creating quality products is my passion. 

I have been doing t-shirts since the late 80's in one way or another. During my career as a designer, I have failed many times trying to offer the wrong products to the wrong audience, and never really being satisfied with the level of quality some printers offer. Quality is very important to me because my products represent me. My designs are like my children and like your kids you would never send them out into the world unprepared. Each and every product I offer is handmade and made to order just for you! Orders are shipped out of China, not from my home in GA. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and thanks for stopping by!

Bruce S. Williams

World Flag Gifts & Apparel

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